Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Days to Valentine's Day... Can't wait....?

Ok, first of all, time went by so fast. I didn't realize it has been almost 1 year since my last post here. Huff... The blog is kinda dusty and my writing skills are kinda rusty.

Well.. Happy New Year everyone.. I know it's kinda late, but I hope you're still having a great year. And also it's about time to look over your resolutions list to see how many are still going on.

This is the "I Hate Valentine's Day" rant... Yes, people... Inspired by the new movie in theaters, "Valentine's Day." What about it that I hate? Hmm... maybe I can start by stating the fact that this is my 20th V-day that I have to go through as a single guy. Not something to brag about, but I'm not embarrassed about it. I think.

So yeah, V-day will probably be crappy for me, but I'm so so happy for everyone, all 2 or 3 people who care enough to read my blog, who have plans for Valentine's Day. Enjoy yourself and make the most out of it, because not everybody is as lucky as you guys.

For the rest of you who are not so lucky this year, cheer up! V-day is a day to celebrate love with everyone, not just your partner in love. Don't have any gf/bf, send some roses to your parents, write cards for your friends, give candies to your siblings, have a nice meal with your dog, whatever it is. Just don't sit around alone at home feeling sorry for yourself. There's always someone who cares about you. I care about you (If I know you... Juuuuuussst kiddin.....).

Feeling better already? Yeah... me too.... =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

After such a long time... RANTING TIME!!!

Well, at the moment I'm supposed to write an essay for my English class.
But I am so not in the mood for that right now.
Instead, I decide to write here! YAY! *Eyes rolling*

First of all, hi again... It's been so long since my last post, almost 1 month without posting anything. But seeing the frequency of my posts before, well this is just right on time. =P
Well, me writing this piece of ranting is just another excuse to avoid writing that damn essay.
I mean c'mon, why in an ENGLISH class I have to write a 5 pages, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 freakin pages about 2 statues an artist created centuries ago. *Sigh...*

Umm, don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing and I love art in any form. But for me, writing something about art without any melody and lyrics in it sounds kinda boring and.... silent.
Oh well, can't avoid this one though. My teacher only assign 3 essays and if I don't do this Ass (stands for assignment people! No dirty thoughts...), a big fat letter D or F will be waiting for me at the end of the semester. Sucks to the maximum...

But at least the weather is pretty nice here in San Francisco...... NOT!! 70 degrees sunlight with 50 degrees wind chill. Under the sun, I just want to take off all my clothes, and when the puffy clouds block the sun, I just start to hate myself for not bringing the damn sweater with me. And the "best" part, the temperature changes in every step I take from my apartment to campus. Sun, no sun, sun, no sun.... 70, 50, 70, 50... Drives me nuts!!!! My throat sores because the air is so dry, my head hurts from all the rain... I just want to go home to Indonesia. Sitting all day inside my room, reading books with the air conditioner put to maximum capacity, poking more holes into the ozon.. Good times.. Goooooddd times...

OK... Gianlorenzo Bernini's sculptures, the Ecstasy of Saint Therese and Fontana del Tritone, is waiting for me. Have to blabber for 5 pages about them. Smell y'all later...
Cool Greetings!! (I mean "Salam Gaul")

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Words of Wisdom..

A Wrong answer at the wrong time brings disaster and havoc...
A Wrong answer at the right time brings anger and disappointment...
A Right answer at the wrong time brings confusion and vulnerability...
A Right answer at the right time brings peace and certainty...

Words are very powerful tool... Use it wisely, what to say and when to say it...
Make one mistake and the consequence might affect your entire life...
Stay sharp!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year! Not so "Yay"... (Random Things..)

Hey Y'all!!

Guess it's not that late to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

First post in year 2009. Once again having trouble sleeping, and as always, I'm here to share something to the world, in order not to waste this precious sleepless time.. (Argh, whatever...) Here are some random things that have happened this year so far and what I hope will happen...

Anywho, this year really started off pretty bad for me. When everyone was having fun, watching fireworks, got drunk, or doing something else with people they loved the most, I was stuck in this little room, doing the most pathetic thing. Yes my friends... I celebrated the first day of 2009 with my best friend since the beginning of this holiday, YouTube. *Tears while groaning*.

For me, this 3 weeks holiday is the most useless days in my entire life. Wake up late, then spend almost the whole day in front of my laptop, watching sitcoms and game shows. I almost never lift my ass out of this apartment, if I die right now no one will notice. And with all of these boring days, being dead is probably better. At least I don't have to wake up and do the exact same things every single day.

Well, good news is, my friend will be back here with me again in less than a week. There's a big "YAY" for me. Guys, I'll be waiting. Miss all of you a lot.

New semester is coming. Taking more classes this period, hope DVC will be more exciting this semester. First time taking online class. New stuff in this new year.

Heard rumours about my beloved high school choir. I miss my SMUKIEZ Choir a lot. Knew that there are some problems that are happening. Hope you guys can overcome them and be better and better each day. Hopes and prayers from your senior here. Keep singing with thanksgiving in your heart for all you have in the choir, and also with ambition to become a better choir each day. Best wishes...

Addicted to MouseHunt in facebook, a silly game where all you have to do is wait and sound the trumpet every 15 minutes. Have no idea why this game can be so exciting for me. Guess I'm just a geek...

Won't... Stop... Writing things... Until... I fall... Asleep.... *Big yawn.....*
This my last drop of energy in the tank. Good year everyone!! Be Nice!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fireworks and Snow...

The perfect DisneyLand Fireworks.. Just want to share it with all of you... It's in good quality too...

DisneyLand Castle Video..

For those who read my previous post, I promised you the video of the castle...

This video is not mine actually, but when I compared this video with mine, this one is way much better in quality. Oh, and this video is from last year's Christmas, but disneyland didn't change anything, even the song. I tried to search for this year's video, but none compared to this one. You can look it up yourself in youtube if you want to, and if you found one better than this one, and it's displayed this year, put the url in the comment box. I would really appreciate it..

Right at the end of the singing, the fake snow start to fall... It was magical.. I got goosebumps when I watch the display... Not to make you jealous, but it's 100 times better when you see it live...


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Trip : Review...

Hiyaa everybody!!!
Having trouble sleeping today, since I've been sleeping until 8 o'clock at night. I don't know why, but I think today is the perfect snoozing and napping day...
So, here I am, eyes wide open in front of my PC, looking for something to do.
And then I realized.. I haven't give y'all the thing I promised a month ago.
My LA trip story!
So, here I go babbling in the middle of the night...

First of all, I never thought that a five hour drive to LA would be very short, at least for the people in my car. (Fiona, JC, Victor, if you are reading this, please laugh, coz you guys know what I mean... tell me quando, quando, quando.... =P ).
and believe me, it's one of the best thing that happened during the trip.
Here are some factors why the drive went by so quickly :
1. Through the whole night, we turned the music on as loud as we could, sang insanely to each other.
2. Thanks to the caffeine from all the starbucks our driver's drink, we were going so fast, the fastest I saw was 130 miles/hour!!!! In a THICK MIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked my seatbelt every 5 seconds...
3. Adrenaline rush, because my strangely smart driver had to wait until the gas tank light went on to start searching for a gas station... And unfortunately, we were in the middle of nowhere..
I was sweating in that cold, foggy night.
I must tell you, I never pray that much in one day...

At last, LA... But it was 3 am when we arrived there.
We booked the hotel for 12 pm, so, 9 hours to kill...
For 9 hour we wondered around LA, searching for tourist attractions.
And nothing's better than a warm light from the sunrise at Malibu beach to begin our trip..

To dirty ourselves even more than we already were, we went to Santa Monica Beach, played catch with the guys, strolled along the coastline, and buried our feet deep in wet sand..
A grand intro for the trip, isn't it?

Here's the hardest and most thrilling part in the trip. Getting into the hotel.
Believe me, if you and your friends are too stingy and decided to stuff 1 suite with 9 people, and you also bring a queen-size air bag with you, you get really nervous.
Long story short, with a flawless plan and great courage, we finally able to get into our suite.
We spent 2 and half hours just for showering. After all, we only had a single bathroom.
We went to Hollywood that day, had a dinner there and rest up for the coming days. We knew we need it..

The next day we went to DisneyLand and California Adventure. In California Adventure, nothing really happened. The ride was not that exciting and standing in line for one hour just to shoot animated paint bullets to animated 3-D targets was frankly a waste of time. But, whatever, I scored pretty high...
In DisneyLand, however, good things happened. I had been there, so I wasn't aiming for the ride, but I really looked forward to the parade and all the decorations. All of the dangers I went through paid off at last.
The parade was great, the music was great, the fake snow was great, the fireworks were half-great (thanks to the wind, we only got to see half of the fireworks display.. SUCKS!!!!)
But the most unforgettable, mesmerizing view there, was the castle. Guys, I have no words to describe the beauty of that castle. I stood there for an hour, just to gaze at the castle. It did make me mellow, and the background music when they lit all the lights on the castle... Speechless..

It's shame I couldn't share that hypnotizing moment with my closest buds. Miss you guys a lot...
If I have a chance, I'll upload the video of the castle when the lights was lit with all the background music. It doesn't have the best quality, but I assure you, it's worth a watch.

Next day, Shopping Day!
We all went shopping, CELEBRITY STYLE!!! Rodeo Drive was one of a kind. Girls, you'll go crazy with your credit card there. It was all branded, but when you're there, you can't leave without buying something. Everything was just too yummy to see. And with all that thanksgiving discount, you have no idea how insane you can get... Swiping your cards here and there...
I, myself, didn't really into the shopping. I looked around crazily, trying to spot any celebrity I recognize. And there she was... LINDSAY LOHAN!!!!
Everyone literally went crazy when they saw her. The crowds and papparazi followed her to every store. I didn't get a chance to take a picture though. Sorry guys...

We ended that exciting day celebrating JC's birthday, the reason we went on this trip in the first place. A great meal at the Castaway after a day of shopping, priceless..

Last day, Check Out Day!
Here's another problem for the trip. First, because we were all still paranoid. We were afraid the receptionist would charge us an extra 1000 dollars because we stuffed that suite with so many people for 3 days. You have no idea how dirty that suite was when we left. Second, because we shopped so hard that the things couldn't fit into the baggage of our cars. I didn't want to leave anyONE behind. Hehehehehe... Fortunately, we managed to get out of that hotel safe and sound, leaving the hotel with some stains from the In-n-Out burgers and animal-style fries we ate for breakfast (It was delicious, hmm...hmmm..). Before we traveled back to the little town of Pleasant Hill, we went back to Rodeo Drive for last minute shopping, as if we could put that plastic bags inside our jeans pockets. Not satisfied yet, we went to 3rd Street, another well-known shopping district in LA.
We spent 5 hours in the car with literally plastic bags all over us.

And on the way home, we missed LA already... =)

*Dedicated to : (In alphabetical order..)
- Andrew : When someone drives for too long in Jakarta and tries to drive in USA for the first time, then you get this crazy dude. Almost killed everybody in the car on Hollywood street; Where is your phone? In Malibu??!!
- Antonia : Strongest nocturnal creature, driving for 5 hours straight without switching.
- Calvina : Bla...bla...bla... babble..babble..babble.. (for 70 miles, on the phone) ; Hello, can I have tissue?
- Claudio : The only guy member of the Hard-Shopper Community; Mr. Mellow.. (uhuk...uhuk...)
- Fiona : Vice Precident of Hard-Shopper Community; Be sad no more. *Peace Out!* ; Crazy driver.
- Jessica a.k.a JC : President of Hard-Shopper Community; No more caffeine before driving; Our Mom through the whole trip.
- Theresia : You kissed a girl and you like it.. ; Traitor!!!!
- Victor : Tell me Quando, Quando, Quando...